Iris Waitt

HVAC Designer
[email protected]

Iris started work at Design Day in October 2015. Though she grew up in the corporate headquarters and dabbled in some load calculations while still in high school, she spent most of her life puzzled as to why her dad and uncle would always look up at the ductwork whenever they went out for a family dinner. Satisfied to let the mystery lie, she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University in 2013 and expected to work in the human services field for the foreseeable future. However, somewhere along the way, she started to look for a change in career and the allure of the diffusers and mitered elbows above slowly drew her gaze upwards. And lucky that they did: as someone who is always curious to learn more, and eager to take on a new challenge, the work at Design Day has proved to give her the perfect balance of growth and unwavering support. As a wise dog Snoopy once said: “Keep looking up… that’s the secret of life.”